2017 - December Meeting


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The subject of our December meeting will be: Focus Groups 101 - Is it a customer accepted idea? Know before you go.

Thank you to our November speaker Keith Mullin, serial inventor and licensor of multiple products in the pet industry, for explaining New Product Development Plan - How to go from idea to presentation ready.

We meet monthly to motivate, educate and network inventors and innovators.

Thursday, December 14
Conference Center at AMN HealthCare, 12400 High Bluff Drive, San Diego, CA 92130
Free parking

Doors open at 6:30 for Networking
Meeting starts at 7:00  

$10 fee includes a snack and drink (correct change appreciated!)

Problems with New Patent Law

Inventors depend on strong intellectual property laws to defend their innovations.

As we have seen this year the patent laws have become so weak the independent inventor can no longer count on an issued patent to protect his right to profit from the labors of their mind. This strikes at the heart of what our founding fathers knew was the way to make the country great and made a foundation Article in the US constitution.

We American Independent Inventors must stand and demand our rights be  restored. Our nation needs us to create the new ideas and subsequent new jobs to continue to grow and thrive. The present patent laws must be revised to bring back the confidence a patent brings to both the inventor and investor.   Here is one of many articles from IP-Watchdog