Internet Resources

The following links are useful web-sites and newsletter pages. Some are for local groups and other are for national groups.

SCORE is a local network of active and retired business men and women who volunteer to provide free and confidential business counseling. They also provide a Business Library and many very useful Workshops. You can see a calendar of upcoming Workshops here.

The United Inventors Association is a non-profit which provides services and information to inventors all over the country. SDIF is a member of UIA and their web-site is a huge source of inventor resources. You can also sign up for their monthly newletter. Click here to see a copy of their current newsletter.

ipFrontline is an online magazine published by PatentCafe. It is focused on intellectual property and technology news. You can sign up to receive their newsletter and access to online articles.

CONNECT is a local organization fostering entrepreneurship in the San Diego region. It focuses on technology and the life sciences and holds many half-day workshops in the area for a reasonable fee. You can sign up for any of their many newsletters and notification services as well as read about them on their website.

The SD MIT Forum is a local chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum focused on educating entrepreneurs in an informative and entertaining environment. They hold regular events and have many other resources on their website.

CommNexus is a local network of communications companies. They hold special insterest group meetings on that subject which can be found on their website.

Also be sure to check out this interesting inventor story

From a site full: - A former member of the SDIF, Matthew Yubas has developed and marketed products for over 24 years. In addition, He's helped inventors, entrepreneurs, and companies, get products into the market and written a book on the subject.

Some other useful links include: