Calling all San Diego innovators, inventors, engineers, artists and start-up entrepreneurs!

You can help lead America back. The entrepreneurial spirit that made this country great is still amongst us. Bring yours out! You have an opportunity to make a difference and can, now is the time & we are here to help!

Are you ready to turn that idea into a product? Let's get it started! I invite you to attend the San Diego Inventors Forum and become a member!

Come and get motivated, hear successful local San Diego inventors speak at the SDIF and learn how they developed their marketable products. Come network in a room filled with fellow creative people and get guidance and encouragement to take your first or next steps necessary to turn your ideas into a reality.

At our meetings you will meet fellow inventors and professionals in many relative fields. You can introduce yourself, ask financing, business, licensing, marketing, legal and engineering questions and more and present your ideas to private individuals or for focus group review. You get to ask for what you are looking for, we try to match your needs.

1 year memberships for Inventors are $100 and include all the monthly meetings and other benefits. If you are not a member we ask $10 at the door at each meeting.  You will receive a Green nametag after attending 3 meetings. 1 year memberships for Service Providers are $150 and include all the monthly meetings and other benefits, or we ask $15 at the door at each meeting. You will receive a Yellow nametag after attending 3 meetings.

Service Providers can personally introduce their service during each "Who Needs Who?" and post ad materials in our Newsletter for a separate fee.

We meet on the second Thursday of the month from 6:30pm to 7pm for networking and 7pm to 8:30pm for the meeting. Directions  are here .

Our big event every year is the SDIF Invention Contest in the summer. Look on the web site for entry rules & forms. See the slideshow of the contest and new-videos of the meetings.  The older videos can be found on youtube.

  • Want to tell us your inventing story?
    Want to join as a Monthly Contributor?
  • Want to be a Sponsor?
    Want to present your idea to the group for feedback?
  • Want to discuss your idea with someone to see how to start?
    Please do! Contact us for details.

I look forward to serving you as SDIF president and helping you create your new American Dream.

Adrian Pelkus, President
San Diego Inventors Forum
P-760 591 9608