Why Become Service Provider

Service Providers are members of the SDIF that are interested in also providing their services to members of the group. They should be those persons or entities that are involved in some aspect of product or service development (marketing, financing, engineering, product development, legal, sales, research, etc.) that enables our inventor members to get their product to commercialization.


  •  Business featured on the SDIF Service Providers page on the web site for one-full year
  •  Share marketing and other business materials at the monthly SDIF meetings
  •  Place marketing and other business materials at the Service Provider’s table at the SDIF monthly meetings
  •  Announce your service offering to the group during our monthly introduction sessions.


  •  Must have first attended at least 3 SDIF meetings within the last one-year period, must be a local business
  •  Must be willing to donate at least 2 hours of time to volunteer at an SDIF meeting.
  • The Membership - service provider is $150/year. Join! 

Interested persons should contact  first SDIF president for approval and next the webmaster for listing on the website.

Have an inventive day!
--Adrian--- www.sdinventors.org