April Meeting - Thank you

Thank you to  SDIF Chairman Adrian Pelkus who presented 19 Mistakes Inventors Make. Audience had a chance to learn from Adrian's 30 years of experience in developing hundreds of new devices and products. A serial entrepreneur himself and named on 14 patents, Adrian coaches inventors every week at his company A-Squared Technologies. 


Thank you to  April's Inventor of the Month, Paul Morinville from US Inventor. Read Paul's latest article on IPWatchdog that explains how the latest Congressional bill would harm small inventors. 


SDIF 2015 Invention Contest Final Results

Watch the slides of past winners.

Thanks to all that assisted SDIF hold this year's contest especially our host Coleman University. A special thanks to Terry Glynn for helping us on the spot.

Here are the results:

For best new Consumer Product (in order of results )

1. David Horrigan - REMIDI
2. Shane Cox - Qball
2. George O Flint - IR Skull Cap
3. Michael Kadie - Pocket Rocket
4. Dean McBain. - Outlet Cover
5. Rodolpho Brasolin - Boardable Rack
6. Anna Vasquez - Spotlight Iron
7. Houman Nikmanesh - Bixpy Aqua Booster
8. Joe Buttici - Pand - A - Choo

For best new Tech (in order of results )

Help STOP HR.9!!!

In my opinion: Trolls is a complete misnomer! Using this word is mindset branding to scare the unaware. An inventor without resources to manufacture products and bring to market themselves often waits & works for a license agreement. If someone infringes in the meanwhile they should pay the inventor their dues for their IP. HR.9 kills enthusiasm to invent and profit from your own ideas, a cornerstone of American society and turns it into fear of frivolous lawsuits to bury their ideas by some big corporation with the resources to easily financially bury the independent small inventor. Another part of this horrible bill punishes the investors that back start-ups which chases them away from investing in new ideas, further stifling our economy.