Board of Directors - Election Results

All incumbents re-elected!  
The standing BOD wishes to thank you for re-electing us to a second term:
Michele Nash-Hoff
Adrian Pelkus
David Waller M.S., J.D.
Sidney Wildesmith
 Leslie Wagner - Treasurer

2 New Members-at-Large:

Christine Murphy
Craig Telleson

December Meeting


Welcome inventors, innovators and creators!!

This month Adrian Pelkus will present an overview of 3d Printing Applications right after our  Speaker of the Month - Burke Franklin: Business Planning Expert, Accomplished Entrepreneur, International Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Coach to CEO's, Creator and CEO of Business Power Tools .  Burke will discuss How to Build Your Business Without Raising Capital
In this presentation, you'll build on your knowledge of entrepreneurship by applying a conscious approach to business creation. While raising capital may be on your mind, first let's see how far we can go without outside investors!

Problems with New Patent Law

Inventors depend on strong intellectual property laws to defend their innovations.

As we have seen this year the patent laws have become so weak the independent inventor can no longer count on an issued patent to protect his right to profit from the labors of their mind. This strikes at the heart of what our founding fathers knew was the way to make the country great and made a foundation Article in the US constitution.

We American Independent Inventors must stand and demand our rights be  restored. Our nation needs us to create the new ideas and subsequent new jobs to continue to grow and thrive. The present patent laws must be revised to bring back the confidence a patent brings to both the inventor and investor.   Here is one of many articles from IP-Watchdog  

2016-Invention Contest - And the Winner is ...

Our annual invention contest, the most popular SDIF meeting of the year, took place on Thursday, August 11.  Thank you to the inventors showing their creations, to the audience for voting and to Coleman University for hosting this event.

Best of the best out of ten contestants are:

First place: Greg Wawrzyniak - PaintWell Caddy  Paint tray

Second place: Dean McBain - True Iris Biofusion ID system

Third place: Dan Garcia - Sipsee Personal bottle top

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