Our annual invention contest, the most popular SDIF meeting of the year, took place on Thursday, August 11.  Thank you to the inventors showing their creations, to the audience for voting and to Coleman University for hosting this event.

Best of the best out of ten contestants are:

First Place

First place: Greg Wawrzyniak - PaintWell Caddy  Paint tray


Second Place

Second place: Dean McBain - True Iris Biofusion ID system

Third Place

Third place: Dan Garcia - Sipsee Personal bottle top

Other Contestants

Marvin Rosenthal: Law-Dog Leash, 3 handled dog leash
Van Dexter Duez: Pieceptions, 2 pies baking device
Robson Splane: Pro Rise, Assistive product
Josh Rifkin: Bit Viper, Right Angle hand tool
Elie Gendloff: Liveavore Lettuce, Live lettuce
Alex Robertson: Lumasoothe, Pet light therapy device
Tam Tram: Chopsticks, New age eating utensils